Color Rich Paint Palette

Color Rich Paint Palette

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The Color Rich Paint Palette contains 12 vibrant and ultra-pigmented shades in a rich, creamy formula that is ideal for use on the eyes, lips, and face.  Its smooth, creamy texture allows the product to easily be mixed, blended, and applied with a sponge, brush, or fingertip.

This palette is a must-have for the serious makeup artist!  It features primary and secondary colors as well as neutral, bright, and metallic shades that can be used alone or mixed to create custom color shades for more advanced techniques like foundation color customization, color correction, contouring, and body art applications.

*** When used on the eyes, apply the desired color as a base with a makeup brush or fingertip , then set with an eyeshadow, pigment, or glitter to avoid creasing and smearing. It can also be used an eyeliner.

*** If it will be used as a blush or a cheek color base, use your fingertips to apply, blend, and spread the paint, followed by a powder blush color similar to the cream base to set (or if the cheek color is customized, use a translucent powder) in order prevent smearing and fading.

***When used on the lips, the simplest application is with a synthetic lip brush.

Colors:  Coral, Silver, Gold, White, Brown, Black, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Red